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About Us

Who We Are
The National African Canadian Association (NACA) is a national non-profit organization committed to promoting, preserving, protecting, connecting and serving the Black and Afro-Canadian Communities through our foundational tenets of Community, Culture, Commerce, Cultural Centers, Family Programs, Civil and Government Policies.

The NACA aims to serve as the premiere source for information, data, research and advocacy on key issues affecting the Black & Afro-Canadian communities. We aspire to manage and deliver government assigned and assisted programs that surrounds education, economic development, financial, healthcare, careers, family, African heritage, culture and security for the socially under served and underrepresented Black and Afro-Canadians.

Our Vision
Devoted to building positive impact that promotes, preserve and protect the values, culture and history of all Black and Afro-Canadian Communities.

Our Mission
Through our foundational tenets of Community, Culture, Commerce, Civil Engagement, Cultural Centers, the empowerment and protection of the Family, we will faithfully serve all Black & Afro Canadian Communities.

Strategic Plan & Tenets


Through our extensive database and national network, we serve to connect all Black and Afro-Canadians within Canada and throughout the Afro-Global Diaspora on all levels. From our rich, proud and diverse Black Cultures, professions, Industries, sectors, organizations and social backgrounds, we provide members of the Black and Afro-Canadian community with direct and referral services. Our mandate is to be the premier Black exchange of services within the Black Community.


Through collaboration with local and regional Black and Afro-Canadian individuals and organizations we will provide education, training, technical assistance and leadership development that celebrates the excellence of our similarities and promotes respect and tolerance for our differences. We promote Culture through academics, education of self, modern & ancient Black History, Arts, Sports, Language Programs, Art Galleries, Museums and Afro Centric Libraries.


We empower economic growth through direct services and partnerships, specified community partners and proven economic channels of investments that uplift the Black and Afro-Canadian Communities. To build partnerships and linkages that stimulates public and private sector investment in the delivery of quality commerce services to the Black and Afro-Canadian communities.

Civil & Government Policies

Educate Black and Afro-Canadians on Civil matters, Government policies and laws that negatively or positively impact our Community.

Cultural Centers

Building of Cultural Centers in strategic locations that promotes and protect Afro Canadian History along with providing Youth, Adult and Seniors Programs.

Family Programs

Family Programs: The greatest gift we all have is that of family. "In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage, to know who we are --- and where we have come from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning, there is the most disquieting --- loneliness." Alex Hailey -"Roots"

Through our Family Finders Program we can assist individuals and families to reconnect to their maternal and/or paternal history.

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