Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does NACA do?
A: The NACA builds and strengthens African communities – at home and around the world. Whether the task is caring for the elderly, providing quality education opportunities, reducing poverty and hunger, rescuing or resettling new immigrants, The NACA is committed to seizing this moment in African history to insure the continuity of Black people.

Q: How does NACA compare to other Black organizations?
A: NACA is the one organization that belongs to every Black person, the place where philanthropy, volunteerism, and shared commitment come together to make a difference, to repair the world. As part of a continent-wide system, NACA has the capacity to reach every Black person in need with a social-service network unparalleled in the world.

These resources enable us to bring life-saving and life-sustaining care to all Blacks in need. And it brings African Canadians into direct, personal, meaningful partnerships with Motherland Africa through many innovative programs.

Q: How can I get involved?
A: The NACA is the place that builds community and you are the spark to that flame. By volunteering, you play a pivotal role in relieving an older person's hardships, affirming for a child the powerful values of African tradition and continuity. Get involved today.

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