Our Mission

To be recognized by all African, Caribbean, and black Canadians as the first and only National African Canadian Association that represents all African Canadians and African Canadian Organizations by creating an umbrella structure that provides equality, services and protection for all African Canadians regardless of religion.

Our Vision

The vision of the NACA is to foster and empower strong African Canadian communities and families that work collectively for the betterment for all African Canadian citizens. Our system will provide life-saving assistance to those in need, and translates positive values into social action on behalf of the many Blacks in Canada, Africa, the Caribbean and other countries worldwide

About the NACA

The National African Canadian Association (NACA) is a non-profit organization. Its President and Founder, Michael A. Forrest who was inspired by our ancestors to continue the great work along the paths, which have been paved by previous African Canadian generations, established the NACA in April 2007.

Through the support from our elders, peers, youth and future generations, we will create a national voice for all African Canadians and strengthen our bond within Canada and with our proud African Ancestry.

The mission of the NACA would not be possible without the sponsorship of several private citizens and the ForrestGreen Foundation. Through the private sponsorships, the NACA has been able to hire employees and supervise volunteer teams, which continues to assist in helping to identify all African Canadian organizations across the country.  

The NACA works closely through a shared mission with all provinces and regional organizations to enhance and expand access to quality, community-responsive social programs for all African Canadians who are under served and underrepresented.  In serving its mission, the NACA seeks to represent the nation’s African Canadian population of over 750,000 people throughout all provinces and territories.

Standards & Code of Honour

In fulfilling its mission, the NACA:

  • Will serve as the major source for information, data, research and advocacy on key issues affecting community-based organizations and the delivery of government assigned and assisted programs that surrounds education, economic development, financial, healthcare, careers, family, African heritage, culture and security for the socially under served and underrepresented African Canadians.


  • Will work with all community groups to provide education, training, technical assistance and leadership development to African Canadian communities, centers, boards, employees and others to promote excellence and cost-effectiveness in the importance of preserving and learning about our differences and similarities as African Canadians.
  • To build partnerships and linkages that will stimulate public and private sector investment in the delivery of quality community services to under-served communities.


Membership in the NACA is your opportunity to give back to the national organization that aims to secure the essentials and needs related to education, healthcare, social and economic development for the betterment of all African Canadians.

Reasons to Join the NACA:

  • Have your say in how we represent you and your family as African Canadians


  • The fight for equality and fairness is never ending! Your membership will help fund initiatives and programs to support our mission of racial equality and equal justice
  • Membership in the NACA is your opportunity to give to the organization that aims to seek change for the betterment of all African Canadians regardless of where you migrated.


  • Your membership in the NACA gives you access to a network force of over 750,000 African Canadians who share in our vision of protecting and securing a strong future for all African Canadians.
  • Your membership in the NACA makes a direct and positive impact in your community when you join your local affiliated centre.


  • Unparalleled networking opportunities within the Black Community and among Black Professionals
  • Subscriptions to and publishing opportunities with association’s newsletter


  • Leadership positions on the National and/or Regional Executive Boards
  • As a member you are entitled to participate in any national activities including:
    National  Job Fairs
    National Academic Retreats
    National Conventions


  • Your membership in the NACA will give you access to our upcoming local, regional and National benefits program that provides discounts on products and services across the country.

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