A vision
to create a vibrant organization designed to meet the needs of an ever-growing multicultural community in the Greater Metropolitan Toronto Area. In addition to providing culturally sensitive care for the elderly, the African & Caribbean Canadian Cultural Centre is also committed to assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities and has a mandate of encouraging community participation through fitness, culture and the arts.

The cultural center will provide residential long-term care and community services to seniors in a culturally sensitive environment that honours the African and Caribbean heritage.

There is a growing need in the community to educate seniors about their options as they continue to age. We recognize this and prepare to support seniors to achieve their goal of living at home independently for as long as possible. The African & Caribbean Canadian Cultural Centre will offer a range of programmes that can keep the elderly population out of institutions for longer than expected.

The Centre will provide a culturally sensitive long-term care facility that provides 24-hour nursing care services to the community at large.

We guarantee continuous improvement of Long-term Care Services, for two reasons. One reason relates to ensuring ongoing client satisfaction with our program offerings. In an era of heightened consumer expectations and awareness of what exemplary care and good service means, we are committed to continually improving our client care processes to ensure that both the client and his/her family are satisfied with their experience.

The second reason relates to ensuring that services are cost effective and that resources devoted to serving clients are maximized at all times.

Because of the ongoing shift in demographics pertaining to elderly people. The principal age group that will be served by the Seniors based programs is 65 to 90 years of age. As census information reveals, this age group will continue to grow as a proportion of total population. As many in this group can be successfully managed in the community, We want to ensure that the array of community based services is relevant to the needs of its clients. This strategic theme will focus on an assessment of community based services together with targeted growth in those services experiencing additional demand.

The community services program is the dimension of service offerings that is most likely to grow in the short term. A profile of clients we wish to serve by the residential component,  reveals that most residents are over ninety years of age with some degree of cognitive impairment.

Additionally, these seniors have been able to live longer in the community with the help of in-home services. This trend represents a double-edged sword. On the one hand, seniors are living longer in the community with home supports so they do not require residential care until they are much older and frailer. On the other hand, when clients do require residential care, their needs are heavier and more complex than they were even five years ago. This dynamic means that long-term care facilities will require a different mix and intensity of services to support an older, frailer senior in need of residential care

  • The fight for equality and fairness is never ending! Your membership will help fund initiatives and programs to support our mission of racial equality and equal justice
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  • Your membership in the NACA gives you access to a network force of over 750,000 African Canadians who share in our vision of protecting and securing a strong future for all African Canadians.
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The African & Caribbean Canadian Cultural Centre’s Library
(will also be known as the Reading Room) will house a collection of educational and leisure reading and audio/visual resources by and about Africans, African Canadians, Caribbean, African Americans and other members of the African Diaspora. The collection will support African Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies among many others.

The Library will have computer workstations that provide internet access, online searching of the entire library’s collection, and databases and online access to course reserve materials.   Additionally, the Library will have wireless capabilities, a photocopier, and a TV/VCR/DVD for viewing videocassettes and DVDs.

Several times throughout the year, The African & Caribbean Canadian Cultural Centre will provide a unique world of discovery for children through the Center's Culture Camp, Artsplash, Dance and Drama Ensembles and other Youth Programs.

Children of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity come to learn, explore, entertain and just plain have fun while fulfilling one of the Center’s core missions – promoting African & Caribbean history and heritage.

The Cultural Center’s talented artist/educators, including the Center's Artist Roundtable, bring their expertise to workshops and other programs.


Teens will have an opportunity to develop and showcase their performance arts talents through the African & Caribbean Canadian Cultural Centre’s Teen Dance and Drama Ensembles.

The ensembles are pre-professional training troupes that meet once a week for drama, twice a week for dance. This program is geared for students ages 10 through 19.

Local performance artists will assist with training the students.

The selected teens will do performances during Black History Month in February and when commissioned by the community.

Participants will pay a $5.00 registration fee and $200.00 for the year, which goes toward materials and costumes.

 “When people come to perform here, they will love it!


The Center will also offer  youth programs in varied environments throughout the city, including senior centers, churches, after-school enrichment, charter schools, the YWCA & YMCA, and Parks and Recreation.

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